Chal Kar Parikramma 


Circumambulate the hill of Govardhan

You will meet Shyam and experience the tenderness

Reveal your mind unto Him!

Offer your heartbeat as flowers

Light up the lamp in your mind

Wherever you get the time O foolish one,

Light a lamp for Shyam

The nectar at His Lotus Feet

Quenches the thirst of the mind

Take His Name O foolish one,

And make your life a success.

Drown in the ecstasy of his tune

You will attain mukti (freedom from this cycle of birth and death)

Residing here for a few days is a life well spent

You have a very short time here so spend it wisely.

Circumambulate the hill of Govardhan!

© Shashika Mooruth 2018