URJA……..Many are familiar with its meaning as ‘energy’ but in its’ deeper form it is an abbreviation for Urjeshwari which in Sanskrit  means  

                     ability, enjoyment, expansion and inspiration….

and describes aptly what I like to express through my music. 

At Urja Music I aim to feed the soul, as my music is not just to entertain but to bring a change in the heart of my listeners. 

i thank you for your support over the years and seek your blessings always in my endeavor to reach far and wide spreading harmony through music.

The background music at URJA MUSIC…..composed, arranged and sung by myselftrack title Deep in the Forest from my latest album Krishna, The Flute Player.

Hey, when the heart sings, the soul dances…..let’s stay together in music. 


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Review for the month of February 2017 on CDHotlist by Rick Anderson